Perfect for restoring all types of vehicles, including fleet vehicles, heavy machinery, trucks, tractors, trailers, and much more. A paint job is only as good as the surface preparation. Don't waste countless hours sanding! Let us do the dirty work for you. We can remove paint, primer, rust and Chloride, leaving a perfect paint ready surface. Our process also prevents Flash Rust for up to 72 hours! Safe on most surfaces safe on the environment fast and effective. Perfect for masonry restoration, graffiti removal, driveway stain cleaning, antique restoration, fire damage, line stripe removal, pool restoration, monument cleaning, wood patio restoration, and much more.

Fleet Vehicles, Trailers & Heavy Machinery

Commercial buildings, public garages, pavement stripes, heavy equipment, rail cars, graffiti, and more. We will be there to solve your blasting needs! Graffiti is an eyesore to you and the community. We can remove it without using toxic chemicals.

We use 100% recycled material and water. With the right pressure and the right media, we can also restore your wood deck, furniture, log cabin, and even strip the paint off of most wood surfaces. Restorations? We can help. We can also clean your restoration projects. Do not toss that old "junk"! Let us bring it back to life and increase the value!

Your Paint Job is only as good as the surface preparation:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Creates Less Mess
  • Uses Recycled Material
  • Blast At Your Location
  • Faster Than Other Methods
  • Requires Minimal Containment

Our process has been featured on the following TV shows:

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